Fueling a heritage of innovation

wichita, ks


In 1916, Clyde Cessna signed a contract to start manufacturing planes in Kansas. Since then, the greater Wichita region has pioneered aviation and manufacturing with a culture of innovation - building iconic planes, revolutionizing manufacturing with composites, and cultivating an industry synergy. The world's great aviation brands - Textron Aviation with Beechcraft/Cessna Aircraft Company, Airbus, Bombardier Learjet and Spirit AeroSystems - working with more than 450 world-class suppliers, are designing and building the world's fleet of commercial and general aviation aircraft.


Flight is in our heritage, and it's still in our blood today. With a pro-aviation business environment and the highest concentration of skilled aerospace manufacturing employees in the U.S.A., the greater Wichita region perfectly positions your business to thrive.


Business made easy

A key strength of the greater Wichita region is a conducive business atmosphere. Pro-business policies with few regulatory and fiscal obstacles, backed by an aligned community, cultivates a conducive atmosphere for all types of business. Kansas is also one of only eight Constitutional Right To Work states. The greater Wichita region is the prime location to grow business, organizations and families in the heartland.


Prime global location


Located in the heart of the I-35 corridor and at the confluence of major railroad systems, the greater Wichita region is perfectly positioned to grow global ideas and businesses, while a new national airport makes air travel easy and convenient. 


#1 skilled workforce in the u.s.a.

Ranked as the most manufacturing specialized region in the U.S.*, the Air Capital of the World provides direct access to the most-trained and most-advanced workers in the world with a pure, raw talent for building complex objects.

*With 17.4% of regional jobs in manufacturing, more than half of which are engaged in making some of the world's most sophisticated aircraft. -Brookings Institution


World-Class Talent Pipeline

The greater Wichita region is home to the National Institute for Aviation Research, the largest research and development academic institution in the nation. Paired with 1,500 annual graduating students from the National Center for Aviation Training and Wichita State University's groundbreaking Innovation Campus, there's direct access to an ascending pipeline of talent.

National Institute for Aviation Research

National Institute for Aviation Research

National Center for Aviation Training

National Center for Aviation Training


Innovative business & academia

World-class research and development facilities within the greater Wichita region can build an entire business jet from start to finish. These innovative programs provide maximum efficiencies for new product development and testing – taking innovation and profits to higher altitudes, faster.

unpredictably amazing

Discover Instagram-worthy sunsets, an urban center under transformation, and nationally known local artists and culinary experts – just to name a few of the best kept secrets. Enjoy urban amenities and small town hospitality with short commute times and a low cost of living.



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